How Is Land Clearing Done? Process and Purpose

In most cases, before you can build a home, office, or even farm on a tract of land, you have to clear it. Land clearing is the process of making land usable by removing obstacles such as trees, bushes, stumps, rocks, and other objects. If you’ve recently purchased land to build property or have a piece of land with overgrowth that you want to clean up, you may be wondering, “How is land clearing done?”

At Anderson Land & Tree, we’re dedicated to providing the community in Deland, Florida, and the surrounding areas with professional land clearing and site preparation services. When you choose land and tree services by Anderson Land & Tree, our team will remove any bushes, trees, or other unwanted vegetation and clear away debris to prepare the land for its intended use.

How Is Land Clearing Done?

While some people choose to clear their lots on their own, land clearing is best left to the professionals. Here’s what to expect with most land clearing projects.

Once you’ve chosen a professional company to do the land clearing, they’ll usually start by removing unwanted vegetation, rocks, shrubs, and bushes. If your property consists mostly of trees, you may want to repurpose the felled trees. You could sell them as timber, chop them for firewood, or mulch them.

There are multiple ways to clear land. Depending on the amount of leftover brush and the size of your lot, a professional lot clearing company will know which method to use.

After tree removal, the professional tree company will likely get started on removing or grinding the tree stumps. Grinding requires the land clearing company to level the stumps, while removing involves digging up the roots to remove every part of a tree. Once you’ve collected the debris, you can dispose of it by shredding, composting, or burning it.

Besides removing unwanted items, the clearing company will level the ground by filling in holes. This is especially crucial if you plan to build on the repurposed land. Once the land clearing company has completed the job, you’ll be left with a completely stripped and leveled plot of land to work with.

When you choose Anderson Land & Tree, you stand to benefit from zero-waste techniques. We can keep all nutrients on the property by using a machine that cuts, grinds, and clears debris into mulch. That means we don’t need to burn anything on your property or haul debris off.

Why Is Land Clearing Important?

Land clearing offers benefits to both property owners and the environment. Perhaps the most fundamental reason to clear land is to help make it accessible and usable for real estate or agricultural reasons. Clearing land also promotes safety. When a piece of land is filled with dead trees and rotting wood, it may pose all kinds of threats and hazards to existing structures.

Land clearing, along with maintenance, helps prevent pest infestations and disease from spreading. Land that has become overgrown may also attract bees, snakes, bears, and other wildlife. By using land clearing services, you can reduce or eliminate this danger. Overall, clearing land increases the value of a plot. Removing dying and unwanted plant life adds to the beauty of the land itself.

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